Dentures, Overdentures, and Fixed Hybrids

Suppose you are missing your upper or lower teeth. What are your options?

The conventional denture is the simplest least costly but most prone to problems:

An improvement is the overdenture.  There are two types: Locator supported overdenture in which the denture snaps into two or more implant attachments and Bar retained overdenture in which the denture snaps into a bar that is supported by implants. 

Locator supported overdenture:

Bar retained overdenture:

Lastly an even better is the hybrid denture. For the hybrid denture, several implants, (typically four to six) are placed in the arch.  A prosthesis that is screwed into the implants is constructed. It is a fixed prosthesis as far as the patient is concerned, but the dentist can remove it for maintenance.  Thus we call it a hybrid, or fixed/removable.

The hybrid is a wonderful service. The teeth function like natural teeth. However the hybrid and surrounding tissues need to be kept clean.  Calculus and plaque can lead to gingival inflammation and peri-implantitis. We instruct the patient to use a water pic from outside and inside, as well as running floss under the hybrid denture.  The patient also needs to return to the office at six month intervals so we can professionally clean the hybrid and remove it as necessary.  The acrylic teeth can also chip or fracture. We supply a temporary hybrid so the patient can wear this if the denture needs to be repaired. If the hybrid opposes natural teeth, we may also make a night guard to protect the hybrid from breakage.

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